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Animoto iPhone App Rolls Over, Plays Dead

I was excited to try Animoto‘s new app for the iPhone that allows you to create videos from iPhone photos and their music selection.

So I loaded up 16 photos, arranged them, and selected my music. Then when I went to create the video, I keep getting told my phone is offline, despite the 5 bar wireless connectivity to my home network (I am sitting 3 feet from the router, could not get a better signal):


Which makes no sense, since every other app on my iPhone has no trouble getting to the net, including here my Google Reader showing in fact my previously tweeted message reflecting the situation:


I am guessing it is a bug or something that will be fixed. But for now, this puppy is not much fun. Getting ready to lift my leg on this one….

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  1. Hey CogDog, thanks for the feedback. This is Tom from Animoto. I was the lead for the project and am looking into this issue right now. I think it has to do with the fact that we’ve got a generic catch-all for connection errors, so something else must be throwing this (and not bad reception, for example) but we haven’t figured out why. Keep looking for app updates, cuz the new versions will undoubtedly deal with this. Thanks again! TOM

  2. I’m seeing the same error as well. Bummed. I’ve been a fan of Animoto for avwhile now and was looking forwardbto the iPhone app. Guess I can wait a bit more.

  3. Hey CogDog, we figured out the problem: if you use a less than (), or ampersand (&) in your title, it bombs–but then gives an incorrect “connection error”! Fixing this for the next release. Thanks for understanding. TOM

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