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posted 23 Dec ’08, 9.39am MST PST on flickr

Happy to be done traveling for 2008! Stuff organized by TripIt

Woot! I shall not see the inside of another airport for a long while (well, til January 15). It was quite a thrill to place the blue dots as tracked by my TripIt profile.

In the beginning of the year, I was wavering between TripIt and dopplr which really are quite comparable. The beauty of these travel organizing sites is all you have to do is forward your emailed itineraries and they parse and post it.

I cannot say why I might favor one more than another, except than running 2 of them seems silly. It’s a lesson I have trouble formulating, as often people ask “what is the best technology/web site/ software for doing X?” — and the answer usually is, “What I have been using…”. The field shifts to fast for there to be a “best” and as long as a tool does what you need, why worry if another one has a shinier logo? The rules of the road are be ready to shift and swap out your tools (but oh please manage your data), rather than relying on One Tool Forever.

But now, my paws are resting at home.

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  1. you know I’m just yanking your tail. I think it’s great that you got to go to the places you visited! I’m totally jealous, until I realize that much travel would likely kill me.

    I’ve never had luck getting hotel housekeeping staff to leave towels for reuse even when I re-hang the towels myself. They always insist on putting in fresh towels – or maybe just switching towels with a neighbouring room…

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