Just stumbled across aMap, a little web app for setting up polarized discussions that can be done in a little map form, or as they say:

aMap is short for “˜argument map’. The idea’s very simple – to promote the art of arguing by mapping out complex debates in a simple visual format.

Sure you can do dogs vs cats, but just to follow up on the fun of my previous post, here is the hot “WordPress vs drupal” smackdown.

Jump in the fray for aMap.

This is Silly™ I am sure there is a more relevant use for educators.

Linktribution to infosthetics

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  1. What the,… ?

    I have no idea what just happened, but something on your site snagged the title of my last post to OLDaily and inserted it here.

    I am *not* amused.

    Stephen Downes’s last blog post.. [deleted cause Stephen is not amused]

  2. There’s also debategraph.org for similar stuff.

    (RE: Comment Love — does it use SimplePie’s autodiscovery? How’s the success rate? I ask because, depending on WP theme, I’ve seen it grab the comments feed instead of the posts feed, and sometimes miss Drupal feeds — but that often depends on how the site is set up.)

    Patrick Murray-John’s last blog post..Thoughts Toward a Giant EduGraph

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