How cool it is to see that the 365 Flickr Photo group that went from a group size of 1 (D’Arcy in 2007) to about 50 (me and 49 others in 2008) to 212! There are over 8900 photos in the pool, and we have a good flow of photo shooting tips and friendly conversation in the discussions.

I’ll be speaking a bit on this at Northern Voice, the conference that makes February worth living for.

But the real beauty is that this has been all organic; it grew by itself. No one is in charge, no one makes the rules (when asked, sigh, I say the only rule is “try and post one image to flickr every day”).

Here is my crop from January, using the CoolIris wall embed:

The daily challenge and regular practice still engages my interest and pushes me to learn more every day. Heck, imagine if I felt that way about writing English papers or solving differential equations, not drawing a direct parallel, but thinking more about what engages and what doesn’t.

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  1. It is such a simple thing, to take a photo everyday. It is more then a simple task because it engages you in the act of simply looking at the world around you each day, taking notice of what is there. I think it more closely resembles the way young children look at the world – everything is interesting, unusual funny or offering potential to be more.

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