2009/365/33: Drinking and Picking Up Your Mail Do Not Mix
2009/365/33: Drinking and Picking Up Your Mail Do Not Mix by cogdogblog
posted 2 Feb ’09, 8.46pm MST PST on flickr

On my walk down to the mailbox today I was challenged as I had not found anything near interesting in my yard to make for a Flickr 365 photo.

And sometimes, pictures just find their way to you.

When i approached where my mailboxes normally are– I found my photo… and my mailbox (and many others’) shattered to bits! There was an obvious tire track that snaked off the road into the empty spot where mailboxes once stood, and twsited piles of metal shrapnel that once held our letters and crappy catalogs.

Apparently, according to our post office, the boxes were taken out last night by a drunk driver.

That’s my door swung open (no mail was lost, I had emptied it Saturday and this happened long before today’s delivery).

She said it might take a few weeks to replace, so there goes my daily exercise walk…

At least I did not get any junk mail today.

Let that be a lesson to you– if you are going to get drunk, and drive, don;t go trying to pick up your mail.

This is the lazy way to blog post; just toss up your silly photos from flickr and tack on a few sentences.

But one day, you are just a humble post office box, serving a single person, and then BLAMMMM! One night some drunk idiot in a car mistakes you for the road.

I do have some bloggable ideas brewing, but am also revving up for a presentation Friday back at my ole Maricopa stomping grounds, a trip to Austin next week for an NMC meeting, and then more revving up to get my Moose on at Northern Voice.

Until the, it may be a string of more silly posts. But you never know when an idea may bubble up.

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