I’ve seen it for a little while but just noticed more carefully that flickr has redesigned the results of its search. Previously you only got 10 results per page that required scrolling to review. Now you get a layout of smaller previews– and this is what is neat- the bigger you make your page, the more results you get per page (so go full screen on that Cinema Display).

But even better- there is a little “i” in the lower right corner that when you click it, provides in a lightbox overlay, a bigger preview, numbers of views, tags, dates taken– and if you are searching flickr wide, you can filter out that photographer from the results (I would guess if you think their photos are irrelevant or in appropriate or …?). This was the search for my old dog friend among my photos


It’s small, maybe even overdue, but helpful.

Of course, I still do my creative commons search on compfight and wish they would copy this preview overlay!

But hey I don’t get this. I made (what I think is) this awesome Firefox Greasemonkey script that adds a full cut and paste code to provide a fully attributed, captioned link in blog posts. I use it all the time, and there’s only 105 downloads for something that can reduce the back and forth copy pasting of giving attribution from like 7 steps to one. WTF? Even more pathetic I am the only fan ;-)

Here’s how it works. Any flickr image that has a creative commons license will display a copyable block of HTML code:


Where by copying and then pasting the code- you get the 500pixel image, a link to the original, and a caption with links for the image and creator– e.g.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

I thought that was pretty damned handy! Try it out yourself http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/49395

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