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I’m Running. And Nagging. You’ve Been Forewarned.

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With a week of successful training under my ….. well I don’t wear a belt while running, so there goes the metaphor.

But I am feeling ready to put the running shoes on for the next 20 weeks of training leading up to the January 17, 2010 PF Changs Half Marathon in Phoenix (does anyone remember 2007 when it was 24 degrees at the start, yikes!). And I’ve been tweaking my I Hate Running web site enough, and everything is set, but one thing.


I need your help. Right now, my fund raising for the cause I am running for is at $0. (that is because today is the opening of the nagging season). If you want to know more about what I am doing keep reading- if you know the story, you can jump 3 steps ahead and sponsor my effort (thanks! thanks! thanks!)

I’m not running for the sheer joy of it (have you seen the URL for my site?). I am doing this to raise money to support research and educational efforts of the American Diabetes Association. And I would be surprised to find anyone who does not have a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker who’s life is affected by diabetes. Check the facts– its one of the leading diseases, and rising on the kind of charts you don’t want to be rising on.

I’ve been dealing with this since October 1970- when a seven year old kid tried to fake his way out of school, feigning sickness- fortunately, his keenly observing Mom had been noticing a bunch of signs, took the kid to the doctor, and next thing you know he is in the hospital practicing giving insulin injections in an orange. They don’t let him go until he jams on in his leg. I estimate he took over 12,500 injections before starting on an insulin pump in 2006.

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In my 39 years of being diabetic, I have been extremely fortunate, the only issue was some retinopathy 16 years ago that required several rounds of laser surgery. That was my first wake up call to get more serious about my care, starting then with regular blood testing

The diseases never rests, and is always slowly chipping away at your body somewhere, and this year, I’m worried again as a bit of bleeding has returned to my left eye, so I am on a personal mission to get my blood sugars in better alignment.

And that’s where running comes in. Although I do not enjoy it, it is the only exercise, done regularly, that has put me in best health.

So I am running for myself (the exercise) and raising money for the diseases, which last year topped 24 million people in the US alone, and probably twice as many are on their way and dont know it yet.

But yes, I know these are tough times for many people, thanks to our lovely crumbled economy. So even if you don’t have 5 or 10 bucks to spare, that’s okay — just support me by following my progress at, tossing an encouraging comment, and that is something that will help me.

Nag. Nag. Nag. This old nag is sporting Nikes.

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  1. OK, OK, it’s been a long time coming, but back in 190 I ran a marathon in San Diego. Since then I started smoking like a banshee. So, I’m gonna be following your progress and hopefully quitting and putting on the running shoes myself. No promises cause it’s a sick addiction, but you have got me inspired. Every post you write there will be another notice of what I need to be doing, and the sooner I fail the more I’ll donate to your cause ;)

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