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What Time is It? (Arizona iPhone doesn’t know the answer)

This same thing happened a year ago.

In some fluke of nature because, as a state with leading indicators of worse budget deficit, lowest numbers of high school graduation rates, Arizona is somehow ahead of the curve in terms of not following the confusion of shifting clocks for daylight savings. Yes, all of the wheat farmers here have to deal with the vagaries of the natural changes of sunrise/sunset.

Our clocks stay the same year round.

For electronic devices, the code logic necessary to deal with setting the time must be simple.

My computers use network timeserver to set the correct time; both my Mac and PC are correct. My atomic wall clock is correct. My wrist watch is correct.

Yet, my iPhone is not.

With settings in Automatic mode, my iPhone reports the time here an hour later than what it is.

I can’t really explain.

Last year, it eventually caught up, a few days? weeks? later. I cannot remember.

Does anyone know what time it is?

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    1. I read somewhere (cant find) that many of these clocks had a hard coded calendar of the dates when DST change- and when Congress moved those dates a few years ago, it mucked things up. Your clock might be right by 1st week in April, when the change used to happen.

      Wonder if anyone has calculated the business/personal cost of all the adjustments, missed meetings, time spent changing, time spent blogging complaints…

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