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It’s time! Let ’em loose! Tomorrow I’m on my way to Vancouver for Northern Voice 2010, which, if I may state subtly, is the best fracking conference in the uni-verse. My first fest was 2006, and I’ve been there for 2008, 2009, and now, 2010 “the Post Olympiad” version.

I’m excited to not only hang out with Bryan Alexander, but the Gothic One is the opening keynote! I urged him to bring is most intense stuff.

Yeah, they’v spread the format to 2 full days, but Scott Leslie (you, Scott, there are so many variations of you in Google) protested and there is an Alt.Moose Camp going on ion the spaces between (kudos to the planners for opening that up). I’ll be doing a little how to moose camp session in there on creating a web preso in CoolIris.

I’ll also be up with Brian Lamb and Chris Lott on… hmm… what might be construed as a performance session Saturday on Blogging- Not Dead Yet — I’m still seeking some participation, give us some exxamples.counter examples if you think Blogs Are Dead or if they are Indeed Alive — judging from the response from my last post, I smell dead blog people.

It will be sad not to have the Bava with us, as we had a swell time in 2008 hanging out and singing the eduglu blues. At least I don’t have to worry about him drooling on my iPad.

But those are just the pieces of the Mooseperience… it’s all about the people that come to Northern Voice, which is why I go- the schedule and sessions are nice cherries on top.

The Moose is on the road! Ain’t he a beauty?

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