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I got to Austin airport ridiculously early this morning mainly because all I want to do is to get home, which I have not seen since April 28. I hope I remember where it is, much less, where my car is at the Phoenix airport (much less if I remember how to drive). My virtual hat is off to those edu Road Warriors like Will Richardson and David Warlick who seem like they live out of a suitcase, or George Siemens, who can rattle off two presentations a day (or an hour it seems).

I do a fair bit of travel, but this last cross country zig zag has been more than I prefer… when you plan these things months ahead, it all seems doable and sensible, and then in the middle of it, racing through Houston airport to catch a connnection, you wonder, “What the f*********** was I thinking?”

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This might be the post where I summarize all the intricate findings and revelations and clever insights and …… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


The post "Road Wore-ier" was originally squeezed out of the bottom of an old rusted tube of toothpaste at CogDogBlog ( on May 14, 2010.

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