I’m really excited to be making my first trip ever to London next month (too late to meet up with Scott or Brian) for a few days of NMC meetings. I have set aside a few extra days to be a tour dog.

But I am a total n00b in my London knowledge– so I am asking to crowdsource my free days here (August 19-21). Give me some ideas what to see/do, where to stay, etc, or maybe arrange a meetup? Leave me some tips over at


/me wags in appreciation.

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  1. The British museum is awesome. I also recommend the national portrait gallery. Both are free. Even though the tower of London is way touristy, I liked it. The eye was kind of a letdown , IMHO. Of course you must eat Indian food while there–so many yummy options. I spent a month there, hard to pick things to do in a few days. :)

  2. Maybe not enough time for the dog this time round, but if you find yourself on the UK in august again highly recommend you take a wee trip north to the edinburgh festival- something for everyone!

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