Thanks to Alec Couros for tweeting about this video, that plays with an interesting style of fast cutting disparate video segments by their connection over words. It’s an interesting exercise to follow the visual/video representation of words in such quick jumps.

Apparently this was done as support for a new episode of RadioLab (one of my favorite podcasts, yes, old fashioned subscribe and download automagically, the way we did it back in 2006)

Following the credits, this is one of many fascinating videos and visual sites created by everynone, and I found myself falling down various rabbit holes to Routines or the multiple viewpoints done as Four Corners of Health Insurance.

Despite some claims, there’s no end to the magic and creativity of the internet. Nothing even close to the end. Please keep the lights on.

The post "One Thing Leads to Another (via Words)" was originally rescued from the bottom of a stangant pond at CogDogBlog ( on August 12, 2010.

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