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I was excited to get this copy of “Radio: an Illustrated Guide” from the folks at This American Life, the best-est radio show in the universe. I noticed it was a reading from one of the sections of ds106 and followed a link from there to order it directly from the TAL store— for $5 plus shipping.

When writing up the caption for my flickr photo above, I googled the name of the book, and ended up seeing it at one online store… for $159!

Well, it was a hardback, maybe that is the difference, still seems a big jump from $5 to $159.

I then looked it up on Amazon– where the paperback is $29.59!- same book, same dimensions, I bought for $5. The other four sellers have it listed new from $69.95 to $168.01.

I think I need to take a course in economics, because I don’t get this.

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