I get a steady stream of those mass-emailed requests to write blog post for products or do link sharing, and 99.9% of them go in the poop bag. Sometimes one comes along that gets past the guard dog, and the message from Matt was obviously written by someone who has read my stuff.

His site of pet products has a new set of infographics about dogs, how more relevant could that be? The Dog World Records Infographic is packed full of canine facts- like in the U.K., the names sake dog for this site is tied for the top breed. And you never know when you might be asked to cite the longest dog tongue ever (43cm, 17 inches) held by Brandy the boxer (and no, was not owned by Gene Simmons). Or that some 1,000,000 dogs have been named as primary beneficiaries of wills in the US (alas, no source cited).

And hey, the loudest bark ever measured was Daz’s 108 db barked in 2009.

Talk about Amazing.

Fun stuff. I give it 12 wags (don’t ask me out of how many, its hard to count)

Dog World Records Infographic

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  1. Just a quick ‘thank you’ for posting the graphic… I’m really glad you liked it enough to stop the dog from eating it ;)


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