I am composing this blog post completely by speaking to my iPhone and using the Dragon dictate at Janelly record and transcribe what I say I’m getting this idea reading the June 2011 issue of wired magazine Clive Thompson’s article hold that thought subtitle voice recognition software is changing how we write maybe even have I’m intrigued by this idea and it might be something I can use on my upcoming trip what I am finding him his test today is that it helps to pause between sentences so Dragon knows where to put the damn. It’s not perfect and if you wanted perfect. You may have to edit but it does a pretty good job.

That portion above was copied directly from the Dragon Dictation app on my iPhone. You get about that much in a recording, but I am seriously intrigued by the idea of capturing ideas *in the moment* and it really lends itself to something I can do on the road.

Read Clive Thompson’s article Hold That Thought that compulsed me to sit here on my porch dictating a blog post.

You can also use Dragon to record 140 characters and send as a tweet!

Hmmm, what else can you do with voice dictation? I AM A DICTATOR!

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