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Just a quick post, cause there is stuff to see today. I’ve been out on the road 3 days now, and am feeling that separation from the life I knew so well before, disappearing into the clouds of not knowing what comes next. I described it in an email to someone as a sense of disorientating rootlessness.

First night was spent camping in San Juan National Forest, very peaceful, and then a day’s drive over majestic mountain passes of the big mountains here. I’ve been relaxing a few days at my friend’s sheep ranch in Paonia (check out for a fascinating life of caring for a rare breed of sheep_, and enjoying things like fresh local food and the great beer at Revolution Brewery. The StoryBox is scheduled to make a public appearance there tonight.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

I’ve got more to write; one things is that between days full of driving,s etting up camp. or visiting friends, there are not the gobs of time I had reading twitter, blogging, and just “being connected”. It’s a whole new rhythm…

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

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  1. I’m so glad you can find time and internet to touch base back into your blog. Just yesterday I was reflecting on what an incredible journey you are undertaking. So nice of you to share these in-between moments with us.

    On a very selfish note, I also felt a bit sad (for a minute) the first person to ever comment on my blog (other than spammrs), who was able to provide great feedback and offer thoughtful ways of improving, was not really going to be available to do this again for the next round of ds106.

    So, in honour of your awesomeness, I will take up the torch and pay forward the great commenting that you provided to me and so many other ds106’rs in the past…As long as you promise to keep touching in- with little updates about how things are and some of the deep thoughts and revelations that occur to you during this incredible moment in your personal history.

    I know you really don’t need prompting to do that, but a little incentive to know that there are a bunch of us listening – never hurt.


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