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I’ve spent an enjoyable evening visiting George Siemens in Edmonton= happy accident as the original plan was to meet mid afternoon for coffee and I was going to truck on to North Battleford to meet Rob Wall, but I was late getting to town– I was mesmerized by the Gopher Hole Museum which caused me to be later for lunch with Raj Boora which caused me to call George who nicely offered to let me stay over (I will get to see Rob tomorrow).

That was way too much explanation. George treated to a great Thai dinner down on funky Whyte Street in Edmonton, and the town later provided an epic street person sidewalk show as we enjoyed after dinner coffee. Among things discussed was ds106 and ds106 radio.

George was game to do a live radio show, which we did for an hour, rambling over things from MOOCs to identity to Khan Academy for Panhandlers to online vs offline or being disconnected– all great fun. Thanks for everyone who chimed in via The Twitter and for those slackers missing it (ahem @noiseprofessor), I’ve got yer archive right here

ds106 radio debut for George Siemens

George is great to hang out with and we laughed more than talked serious stuff. For the record, some least likely things people know about George:

  • He got his start in the hospitality area, with purchasing his first restaurant at 18 (tune into the archive for the full skinny).
  • His current twitter icon is not the real color of his hair. (important stuff, eh)
  • George appreciates and seeks out weirdness.
  • If you call him out or insult him, George may use your words for his twitter bio (recently it was something along the lines of “pretentious douche bag” but currently reads “I reject his limited and, in my opinion, ill-informed views”. He says he keeps a diigo set of bookmarks to the full collections.

Thanks George for the hospitality!

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