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On my current road odyssey, there us a continual growing list of people who have showered me with hospitality and generosity. One that deserves special mention is Donna Fry, someone I had not communicated with before, but when I tweeted something about planning the route around the Ontario North lakes, out of the blue she responded:

I responded by direct message with my email, and got a super detailed list of what to see, what to skip, where to camp, etc. We got to meet up for lunch at the restaurant she suggested in Terrace Bay, and I really enjoyed hearing of her work as a principal at a number of local schools, and her bear/moose encounter stories.

I could not resist asking her to explain why she would help a “stranger on the internet”

Donna Fry talks about helping on the internet (1.4 MB MP# / 1:25).

I go back to a line I use for my Amazing Stories talks — If you share openly on the internet, I cannot guarantee it will happen, but you may end up with your own amazing offers (travel, speak, etc). But If you do not share openly online, I can guarantee you will not get an Amazing opportunities.

Sharing does not bring you these goodies directly- but it creates an opportunity space where these things can happen.

Thanks again, Donna, for confirming my beliefs in wide open sharing.

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