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I’ve had mixed success at keeping up with geotagging my trip photos, usually when chided by someone like @windsordi ;-) Frankly, the technology seems 90% there, but for me, has always required just that smidgen of extra effort that makes it a barrier to be more consistent (I see the barrier in the mirror).

In a few minutes, someone will comment with their perfect gps tagging tool. I believe you. Its baked into a few cameras, yes, and of course mobiles. I tried last year to use a photo tracker, but I would forget to turn it on, or found the process if exporting the data files and syncing with photos in Aperture cumbersome.

I got a million excuses. Few valid.

The map tool in Aperture defies me. Maybe I have not given it a fair shake. But placing my photos on a map feels super tedious.

First of all, my strategy needs to be that my geo data stays with the photo in Aperture, where I also title, tag, and write the captions for my photos (I can haz and uze my metadata)– all of this gets exported to flickr using the Connected Flow Exporter, but I keep it myself. This also works for my photoblog, where I can post all of the meta data simply by uploading the photo to the WordPress blog (here’s how).

I am trying a new strategy that will fall part of perfect, but relies on the automatic geotagging done via my iPhone. The ideas is every place I go I wish to map, I do a throw away pix on the iPhone of me pointing at the ground.

In Aperture, I can just lift the meta data for the location (be sure to check its box the first time):

(click for full sized image)

I then just multiple select the other photos taken from the same location (okay it is not ground precise, but neither is the iPhone GPS, sue me) (no, sue Apple). I then use the “Stamp” option to put the location metadata onto all of those images:

And this all goes with the image when uploaded to flickr.

I cant say I use the flickr map much. It feels awkward. If I zoom out for the Canada and North American, I cannot seem to get the stuff mapped, until I zoom in to some level, e.g. for photos along my route west to east across Canada:

Flickr photos tagged "odyssey" from Western Canada

I’ve likely geotagged less then half of my trip photos, precisely because it ought to be seamless, and not require such duct tape.

I’m going to be looking at a pocket camera in the future that has GPS built in.

Okay, tell me how wrong I am about making this easy or hard. Do you geo tag stuff that does not get it automatically?

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