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I’m getting a tad worried on the road- my MacBookPro seems to be acting up. More than its occasional inability to wake up from sleep, now it seems to go to sleep by itself, and oddly, it always seems to be about 10 minutes of the hour.

There is a photo in my Aperture library that I don’t remember taking, but I have taken alot, The weird thing is that any time I select it to look at or try to edit, Aperture quits. It seems haunted:

All I can do is look at the thumbnail which looks like a wall with some text and numbers on it.

Then I got this e-mail from a “Mr Blank” asking me to meet up with him at Dukes when I get to Hawaii, he’s interested in the StoryBox and wants to tell me about his project (and I need a new t-shirt from Dukes anyhow). When I went back to Gmail to look at the message again, you know look at the full headers, the message is gone. Totally.

Then I am getting some odd tweets sent my way, they say something like “Use recovery code 49” or “Do not forget recovery code 49”.

When I click the profile link, it goes to a not found page, and then the tweet is gone from my profile.

I think I need a break.

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