Now this is getting cool. After posting of my plan to follow Dean Shareski’s learning project, I started with my video announcement of wanting to play blues harp (and not have it sound like dying dogs).

Bryan Jackson, gifted with music and generosity, responded with a first video lesson for me.

So I set out with the recorder on today (just Quicktime player on my MacBookPro) to follow along

I also found some of the free content on Harmonica where I found some useful tips on breathing (it is not sucking and blowing, eh?).

And now, in my second video, I tried to follow Bryan and practice the breathing too

Getting that one note is hard, but I’m going to keep practicing. There are about 2 million videos out there, like OZHarp who starts with a tiny kid playing it better than most of us

That’s all for now, I have to just take some time next week and practice. Learning by doing. And not quitting. That is the plan.

You can follow this series (if I remember to tag it correctly) via

Thanks Bryan, this is cool to have a personal coach out on the youtubes!

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