Hmmm, I am not finding too many answers to some funky behavior on my MacBookPro. If I was paranoid, I might be taping up the windows, but am, more concerned about being able to continue to do my work on the haunted machine.

For the last 2 weeks, I have noticed when using Tweetdeck, when occaisionally I minimize the app in my dock, there is a lingering back window that is labeled “Tweetdeck Update”. I’ve seen it but not paid much attention.

But today, I noticed there was a different one behind the main screen, and I barely managed to get a screen shot before it disappeared:

Some sort of programming code? functions, maybe memory addresses? is ts = timestamp??

Any clues? I really cannot afford to do anything like rebuilding the machine while on the road. I just want to edit photos, make ds106 MacGuffins, listen to ds106 radio…. all the important stuff.

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  1. I’ve noticed the Tweetdeck updates window on both my work and home machine as well….didn’t think anything of it because I haven’t noticed any other symptoms. It has a strange greyish look to it?

  2. Similar problem to Ben, which might be related to your Mac issue. I noticed that tweetdeck was spotting an update but wasn’t able to automatically instal it. Doing a manual upgrade from the tweetdeck site fixed the problem

  3. That blue window with the Tweetdeck Update showed up on my PC too. I did the manual update too and the blue window went away. I hope far away!

  4. I’m glad updates fixed your issues. But something different is going on with mine. Any time I try to run an update I get an “opcode 49 error message and a polyp rhat says “not allowed”. I cannot move the app to my trash either, and not even going into Terminsl and running an rm -f command

    I seem to be stuck

    1. Only other thing I could think to try would be repairing disk permissions in Disk Utility. Not being able to delete a file in Terminal is a good indicator there’s something wonky with the permissions (although you might try sudo rm too).

        1. If you have a Mac OSX Install disk, you can pop that in, load from the disk, and then use the Disk Utility on the installer to repair permissions that you otherwise can’t repair while your operating system on the computer is running. It’s a last ditch Mac Technician trick that I’ve used with success on a couple of computers here at school.

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