Hello everyone, I appreciate the concern and worry from the tweets sent over the last 36 hours. I am ok, and at least have had some communication with the people who brought me to this place. I think.

This is somehow connected to the computer issues I have been having, I am thinking I have been tracked and spied upon. Here is what I have pieced together.

I was at Gate 49 of the Nashville airport thinking I was headed for my vacation to Hawaii. I had scored a prime seat with electricity, and after striking up a conversation with this person (sorry for blurry photo, I was only only able to snap it at last minute):

He had identified himself as “Ted” a retired Army Colonel, and he offered to get me the best cup of local coffee available. It is now I realize that the coffee must have been drugged, and later I awoke aboard alone in the back of a cargo plane. There were no windows, and while I had a strong wireless internet signal, my map app on the iPhone would not load, and the compass app spun quite a bit, but gave me a sense of a travel in the north direction.

At some point, mist came out of the vents, and again I was knocked out a few hours later, only to find myself alone in a private railroad car, moving slowly. There was nothing identifiable out the windows beyond trees (maybe birch? maple? pine?) and a few rock walls. The doors were locked, but the car was outfit in comfy furniture. Someone had done their homework, as the refreshment bar was stocked with Snyder’s Pretzels and there was a cooler of Negra Modelo beer.

The train has stopped moving for the last few hours. I have no signal, but there is a strong wireless network named “Opcode 49”. And for some reason, my battery seems to be staying at the same level:

I’m able to shoot some video, but only in a single direction, the screen blanks if I aim in any other direction. And it seems to cut out in minute intervals. Just to prove I am okay:



So they question looms, besides where am I, how to I get out of the place? I am exploring all corners of this car. I cannot hear any sounds besides the distant low metallic clanging.

A while later, I was contacted via an account that never seems to load in twitter:

Yeah, this is sounding bizarre or made up- a “mission to save the internet”? I have been told that this internet we know and love, its openness, its ability to be a platform for sharing and communicating– is in grave danger. Even things we have seen recently that portend to show the power of the internet to mobilize support- may be a ruse of darker forces which would like to see it as an ultimate tool of control over free will.

What else they told me is that I need to locate the so called Dr Olvier who was introduced by Micheal Branson Smith such as this series of videos as Dr Oliver Takes a Tumble.

I am not sure what to make of this- and frankly all of these so called “Doctors” (e.g. Oblivion) are questionable. They seem rather theatric with their fancy green screen backgrounds.

While supposedly Oblivion and or Oliver have been to the “center” of the internet, I am being summoned to, and have been placed near a gateway to this center. And the folks involved in ds106 are key to the task.

Once I have figured out a way to get out of this car, I am going to need help of ds106 students to get in touch with Dr Oliver, and let him know I am coming down there to sort this mess out. There is no time for this bickering over who did what last summer, it is the core of the internet which needs to be saved.

Who is game to help me find the way?

So I need TRANMISSION STOP re55c 54vur 884gf gf465gh*(<\#46 hy76jf 28%^~fow

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  1. Alan!
    Whoah, sounds like you’re in trouble. I’ll do whatever it takes to help you through this situation and find your way! I’ve got some contacts over on this side of the network. They might be able to help.

    In the meantime, stay strong and keep posting updates when possible.

    Good luck.

  2. Hey, Alan!

    No doubt your expertise will help you sort this out. Glad you can still communicate. Are you able to receive inbound streaming audio? I’ve got some thoughts on a possible playlist for #ds106radio, IF you’re able to tune it in.

    Hang in there!

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