CogBlogged on ‘March 14th, 2012’

The One Worthy Session From SXSWedu

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog Since I mentioned a desire to flip conferences, I have to say it was worth sitting in the front row of Jane McGonigal’s “Learning is an Epic Win” talk at SXSWedu, and frankly, it was just about the only non “Meh” session I attended. I last saw her speak at the big SX in 2008 and knew she would deliver here. Although she’s likely given this talk a lot of times, you could not tell from her energy. I’d embed the slideshare set of slides for her talk, but for like the ten millionth time that site is broken. Why are tey still around? Epic fail there. You might find it someday at Oh, it might be this Learning is an Epic Win – ISAS February 2012 Part 1 View more PowerPoint from Jane McGonigal There is an audience […]

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