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The video assignments are a ton of work, we know it. The pace continues this week (and we have some room to relax the deadlines, so stop fretting).

While the assignments are intensive, do not forget to do a detailed write up in your blog post with your assignment work:

  • Include the name of the assignment and link back to the original on the assignments site.
  • What is the story behind your work? Why did you chose the subject, topic? What does it mean to you?
  • What is your process? Describe the tools used, steps to create the piece, sources of your media.

This is really to me a minimum of what makes a good assignment writeup. A strong post includes your own reflection, not just a narrating of the facts. It has a meaningful title, not just “Design Assignment”. If you are referencing movies, songs, characters, places- a stronger post includes hyperlinks to information web sites- the web is built on links- write for the web not just on it.

This Week’s Assignment

The 15 star goal is raised again this week – more work in the Video assignments category- (see the full post for weeks 9 and 10 on the ds106 site)- one of them needs to be the Movie Trailer Mashup assignment (note this is listed in the Mashup section but it is done as video). In this one, you should take the trailer of a movie you are familiar with, say the one you did for the essay assignment, and mash it up with content, or audio from something completely different- the goal is to use the trailer to completely change the plot or genre of the original.

Keep At the Project Thinking

I’ve been hearing and reading your ideas. Be writing on your blog and/or contacting me about the thoughts for your projects- I want to see a well crafted pitch for your concept completed by end of this week. Some things to gel your thoughts:

Other Stuff

Resources and Examples for Video Mashup/Remixes

Just a few samples…

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