I just remembered another gem from today’s trip today to the National Portrait Gallery – a video display showing examples of Presidents on TV from FDR through the present. I just loved this bit of FDR being humorous (but he looks so serious) about his opponents slandering his dog Fala, a Scottie to be reckoned with

This whole bit of speech is a classic in terms of they way he presents a story naturally and in joking at the same time. Masterful.

And the internet provideth information and then some on Fala- look at the tagged entries from the FDR library (which, hey, runs on WordPress).

But wait, there’s more- Fala has his own tumblr (and elegantly done at that).

Let that be a lesson, do not pick on any man’s dog, especially if he lives in the White House.

And as a good Scot, [Fala] was appalled to hear these accusations against him, and “hadn’t been the same dog since.”

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