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The first day of action for my online section of ds106 could not have been more impressive. A lengthly email went out last night, and as of a little over 24 hours later, 19 out of 25 of my students registered their domains, and most of them from what I have seen have installed WordPress.

As a matter of reference, last Spring, when UMW students had to buy their own domains and then set up there oen web hosting, it took three weeks to get to a similar number. This has a lot to do with the genius and energy of Tim Owens who devices and is running the Domain of One’s Own project.

From what I see, already 14 of my 25 students set up their twitter account, and they jumped right in (I am keeping a twitter list for my section). The posts from students will of course be coming in to the main ds106 site, but we have a tag archive page for my section (still working on some sidebar widgets to go a blog roll, and auto OPML generator).

And we got some gem tweets today

Look how Haley creatively seeded her flickr account

They seem to like the quick response to help via twitter

Past students want to come back

and want more classes like ds106

And it was not just UMW on the rocket, Michael Branson Smith started his class at York College with a photo blitz project- he asked his students to go outside and create an interesting shadow image, or shadow puppets. I see 36 of them on flickr

So on Tuesday, we have a Daily Create that we are asking all ouf our students to do (its a video one where people tell a story about an object)– this is intentional as we find there is a lot of power in getting to see and hear your fellow participants in the places they usually do their ds106 work.

And this is just the first day!

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