Here is my new pointless game when I am scanning Tweetdeck.

It all started a few weeks ago when I noticed that successive tweets of Tim Owens and Ewan Macintosh were eerily similar. Similar pose, hair color, background, even the same colored shirt.

So I grabbed a screen shot (I regret not grabbing their tweets too, but see below).

Here are a few more I found without too much trouble. The only rule is they have to appear in successive tweets in a stream, and stream (some of mine are from mentions or a list). No editing.

With his Movember clean shave, and a similar black frame, Jabiz Raisdana could pass for the avatar of Michael Feldstein (well and a severe skull pinch too).

Though I have no idea what Michael’s avatar is!

Here is a more improbably pairing? From Bogatá, Colombia Diego Leal, a colleague I met at Open Ed 2009- notice his smile, the blue shirt, black background — almost a twin of Barack Obama!

I’d vote for Diego!

This one is going to be a stretch, but take the avatars of Dean Shareski and ds106 student Haley, just flip one horizontal, and you get the same bemused expression with a hint of paranoia about eastern time zones!

What kind of twitter twins can you find?

(this is what I do instead of what I should be doing… oh what should I be doing?)

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