Google Wakes Up and Smells the Animated GIF

Found at Buzzfeed

Found at Buzzfeed

In August I noted the oddity that you could upload animated GIFs to Google Drive but you could not insert them in any documents. A comment on that post had me re-checking, and woah, you can directly upload an animated GIF anyplace you can upload an image, here is a gDoc with two GIFs I just slipped inside.

It’s even easier in a GDoc presentation, you can just drag and drop one in from your desktop, check out this quickie. You can have more than one per slide. I can see a way of using this to assemble a series as maybe a movie of GIFs? I wonder if the auto advance features will work on this embed? (YES IT DOES! I could now assemble a series of animated GIFs…) Hmm.)

Yup, this is getting cool- here is the series of GIFs I made from the classic movie Fort Apache, redone just now as a self advancing GDoc preso If you read the URL you could even modify the delay between slides.

The odd thing is that the Google Help docs still state that you cannot use animated GIFs — although the animate that use right above it to show how to add an image… is an animated GIF!

no gifs

Maybe they just turned on the GIF light? Did they hear it was a popular thing? Or they just sneak things in without telling anyone?

No matter, we can now haz GIF in Google docs. Bring it on!

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  1. Laura Gibbs says:

    Someone just pointed out to me a couple days ago that in GoogleSites, an animated gif will not play if you upload it as a file at the site itself – but if you remote link to it, adding it to a GoogleSite page via URL (at imgur or whatever) the animated gif does work. I wonder if they will let the animated gifs run free at Google Sites someday.

  2. Following the wonderful Jim Groom Animated GIF Show for the #etmooc a week back, I did a little experimenting in Google+ and determined that it also supports animated GIFs — but only if you insert them as a post (using the image button). There is unfortunately no way to add them within a comment in response to a post — I tried using a URL and only got the URL as a link. But maybe they are staging things out over time.

    On another note, I came across this little gem this evening on a forum page discussing what kinds of images formats to use for the web. It said:

    When to use a GIF?

    • when you need animation*
    • when you don’t need transparency and have patterning (altough .png is preferred)

    *Although animated GIFs may be used attractively in web design in certain case scenarios, exceptions are very rare, so it’s best to just avoid them.

    (Their emphasis, none added by me)

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  4. Frank says:

    Oddly enough, when I view your embedded slideshow, the gifs show up fine, but when I click on the self advancing presentation link you made, the gifs don’t animate.

    Any thoughts on that?

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