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Twas two years ago today I set myself out into The Great Wide Open. Perhaps fitting that the path would be an an odyssey extending today to a day of wandering ancient temples in Singapore as well as meeting for the first time a colleague I’d known only through his blog.

The details of a day of amazement need to wait.

I just want to savor the moment.

And I just sit with how far from where I thought life was aiming me that I find my trajectory sending me.

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How unsure where this is going.

And how okay that is.

In the last few days I found myself talking to middle school kids about how this blog space would be 10 years old in April. I felt a smacking whisper of “that’s so old…” but also feeling my own weird sense of personal satisfaction in again this moment.

This moment, now even not much later then writing it a few moments ago is… different.

I could not be more content with where I am, and how far it feels to be from where I was. That jump off point two years ago was in many ways the most fearful jump from known to unknown, and while it feels maybe even more unknown ahead, its the direction to go.

There is only one direction to go in this river of time, downstream where-ever it flows

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

See you later, on that river. I’m the one floating along with a bemused smile.

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  1. Nice, positive story. I made a brave jump 2 and a half years ago, but not back on my feet yet. So it’s good to hear a good version of it.

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