This week on Stranger Than Nature, your host, Nigel K. Levine, is deep in the jungle of Hokkaido, to film the flying mythical creature rumored to live here, Felinus Poptartus

Yes, today’s Daily Create challenge was another video one, two in a row, will the weak survive? For today the task was:

Redub the audio of a popular YouTube video as though it was a nature documentary.

That means (a) find a popular YouTube video (that’s easy); (b) Download it; (c) remove the original audio; (d) record a new narration; (e) Send it back to YouTube.

So what could be more popular now than Nyan Cat, it is closing in on 100,000,000 views. Can’t get enough of the Pop Tart Body Flying 8 bit cat?

I did this project in iMovie. After using the PwnYouTube bookmarklet tool to grab an mp4 version of that cat, I imported it into iMovie, created a title sequence, and then Muted the audio (Clip menu).

I went outside on my desk hoping some of the ambient cricket noise would come through (I doubt it), but used the microphone tool to record over the original video. I raided the iMovie audio library for a jingle, jungle noises, footsteps, and walkie talkie static.

The whole thing was maybe 30 minutes to produce.

There is is- July is 1/3 over, the Daily Create is only third over, and I am 10 for 10. But I am not bragging. Hell yes I am. Why aren’t YOU bragging? Are you afraid? Scared? too busy playing with non-existent dolls?

Drop the excuses, and get on board the Daily Create Challenge tomorrow. You will thank me.

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