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Today’s ds106 Daily Create is a Drawing challenge, for which, as usual I reach for the Paper 53 app on my iPad.

Make a detailed drawing of one of your own eyes.

My plan was to take a self photo with my iPhone (for some reason, I am unable to look directly into the camera because I look at the screen which is not the lens), and then cropping / zooming it in on the eye:

eye photo

It’s not a great photo at this zoom, but propped up was good enough to use to draw from on my iPad. In Paper 53, I brushed in a pink skin tone (thinking like layers, this is the base, in the corners, leaving an eye shaped hole. I traced the shape of the eye, the eye ball, and the crease lines using the pencil tools. Then it was just using the brush to fill in the colors, and the pencil/pen tools to put some details like eye lashes.

Those white shapes are supposed to be the reflections of light in the original.

What I like about this is the ds106 way of an activity getting you to notice something in much more detail then you normally do. How often do you try and see every detail in your own eye?

I remember thinking I always had brown eyes, until I dated someone as a teen ager who said, no, they are hazel. Hazel? What is that beside the maid on that old tv show? But it did help to know they were not just brown.

And even today, in looking at that detail, I found myself using tans and a tinge of orange for the core and trying to fade it into a more green/steel grey color for the rest of the eyeball. And noticing even more, maybe just the photo, but there is a very very subtle rim of pale violet around the edge of the white of the eye (which, is not white, but sort of mottled with all kinds of vein texture).

So there we go, an worthwhile stretch of drawing and noticing for today’s TDC, an investment of maybe 25 minutes.

What about your daily create? It’s never too late to start– no pressure. You don’t have to draw an exact replica of your eye– what if it was abstract? metaphorical? a collage? There is no judgment, assessment of daily creates, so anything you try is better than good, it is teh awesome.

Create something every day, it helps deal with all the other depressing other stuff in the world.

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