Today’s ds106 daily create challenge is writing a Haiku– thats pretty easy, cram something into a 3 line poem, of 7-5-7 format. The prompt is:

Write a nonpolitical haiku about your nation’s head of state.

So how can you do this? You can play with the idea of who is the head of state, or try to put your president, prime minister, royal elf into a setting of doing something not in the scope of their job.

President Obama has a full-time busy job, but I am sure the dude needs some downtime, so late at night in the Oval office, there is a glow just from a laptop screen…


The scene is described in haiku form:

Oval office 3 AM
Screen lights tired face.
Damn! Can’t get GIMP to save GIF.

And many of us know THAT feeling.

Rock on President Obama, keeping doing those ds106 animated GIFs. You could, however, do a few more Daily Creates. Check in with my people, ok?

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