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During my weeklong visit to Fairbanks Alaska I was fortunate to have met and been asked for a podcast interview with Chris Malmberg, who does this “Digital Beards” series for the University of Alaska Fairbanks eLearning and Distance Education group. Here I am for Digital Beards 10 ““ Alan Levine, DS106, and the Internet

We had a nice lunch before this at… oi, I forgot already the name of the locals place we had lunch at, but it was great. We were talking about trying to define the internet, and he had this great rant at how it was like one of those action figure toys you never know exactly what will open up or turn itself into when you press some random button.

It sounds silly now, but it totally made sense at the time. I tried to do this for a daily create which was to “draw the internet” (ignore more messup of the hand)

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine

Anyhow we actually talked about beards in the beginning of the podcast, and just when you thought it would be just two guys talking about not shaving, we digressed into the shape of ummms, but then found our way to talking about ds106.

While he was recording, I was broadcasting it live to ds106radio, but you get the whole thing in his edit above, down to the last “ds106 radio FOR LIFE” at the end.

I really enjoyed meeting Chris and this fun conversation. He is a creative writer and I gotta like a guy who’s tagline is “an educator and a clown”

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