Tomorrow marks 6 weeks since I have had my feet up on the rail at home; and finally perched again, it might was well have been 6 months. Unlike previous travels, I made little time for blogging (the photos were regular), I sloughed off on doing Headless ds106 work, and now I am bewildered by “WTF was I doing?”

To be answered or ignored tomorrow.

Do not get me wrong, this trip was an adventure and a half. But now its time to unwind, do nothing, drive nowhere, and just chill.

Til tomorrow.

I’ve got some Road Stats to compile (Little Data), and then its a matter of picking up where I left off. Perhaps a list:

I better stop, I am making myself tired.

The real plan? Just be. Here.

Later additions…

  • Work on ds106 radio live broadcast status indicator, restore tweetbot
  • Plan concept for online photo coaching
  • Dare to apply for ObamaCare…
  • Ignore this list!
  • Call my sister (cause she told me so)
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  1. Rock on, Alan – more guitar and harmonica for everyone! Seriously, I love how many pans you have in the fire here – for whenever that ‘tomorrow’ arrives – and the potential each has to become its own list of twenty other awesome projects and ambitions. Even the ‘ignore the list’ one has potential ; )

    But mostly: Just be. Here.

    Enjoy being back home, and having your feet up!

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