Ok, here I go. I am writing this as a Post in my known site

Do I have any other better content to use as a test case?

Maybe I will include a dog photo? Does this fit with the phrase of eating one’s own dog food?

Odd bug, I cannot get the cursor past the photo in the known Editor w/o pressing a bunch o’ returns. 

Because software. 

That’s okay.

I am using the known plugin for WordPress that Tim made. Ideally this would be some sort of authentication click thing rather than manual entering user name passwords.

But that’s not the point. I wish to click the twitter and WordPress buttons below to send out this post. See?<<

KNOWN… active!

UPDATE: (edited in WordPress) I got a PHP error in known on publishing; it posted to wordpress (right here) and twitter, but apparently did not publish in my known site.

What I’d like to consider adding:

  • How to send tags to WP categories?
  • How to define a post slug?
  • How to define a featured image?

Also, the HTML it sends to WordPress is pretty crufty. a lot of stuff jammed into style="" attributes.
But it worked! I pushed from known to WordPress.

I am wondering if I can build a plugin that can send from known to the TRU Writer site I am working on.

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