Creative Commons Certification

Creative Commons Certification, Syndicated

In the MOOD: presentation for Open Education 2016 Conference

The Creative Commons Certification project will be shared at the 13th Annual Open Education Conference November 2–4, 2016 in Richmond, VA. This presentation by Paul Stacey and Alan Levine plays a bit at the “MOOC” acronym with it’s title In the MOOD: Building the Creative Commons Certification: Deeply woven into successful open education and pedagogy […]

Creative Commons Certification

Piles of Things

Bear with me as I step with trepidation into philosophical murk with this question: If one accumulates a great deal of small quantifiable things, does it necessarily, by accumulation, equate to something larger, more complex? Huh? Get to the tl;dr dude! No way. I am never that organized. I might not even be sure what […]