Updated jClicker- web slide show template (free too!)

Finally got around to some revamps to a web slide show template I’ve been rolling for a few years, the “jClicker” (little “j” is for JavaScript). We do many many photos for our many events at work, and this has been a very handy way to organize photos into a slide show format. The main site includes a step-by-step construction guide.

Basically, all one has to do is to assemble your image files (any web format), write some captions and edit one text file to control the settings and define the order of the slide show. Previously, one had to actually write incrementing numbers for the lists (arrays) manage the image files, menus names, and captions, but a email from a user generated a beautiful idea– just have a running self-incrementing counter (javascript- “i++;) before each section that lists the next slides image file, menu name, and caption. Now deleting, adding, or re-arranging the slide order is a trivial cut and paste, whereas previously one who have to re-order all the data.

A key feature since the first version is that every slide page also pre-loads the next image for a smoother slide to slide flow.


Coming Soon: “ecto”, son of Kung-Log

I’ve raved before about Kung-Log, Adriaan Tijsseling’s amazingly sleek Mac OXS application for doing just about all the MovableType composing and editing. Change is on the way and it is good- Adriaan is at work on a new version, re-named “ecto”. In fact, I am “ecto”-ing this entry now in beta version 0.1.5, and it […]

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Ari’s Big List of Blog Search Engines

Ari Paparo assembled a longer than you might expected list of web search tools for specifically searching weblogs and/or RSS feeds. My new theory on blogging is that whenever I can’t find a particular piece of information on Google I should just create it myself. What’s the point of all this easy-to-use publishing technology if […]

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Reading Time: “The Map that Changed the World”

This slow time has allowed a rare luxury: finishing a good book.

On one forgotten trip a few months back, thumbing through the schlock selections at some airport bookstore, one caught my attention because of a geology cross-section on the cover. Simon Winchester’s “The Map that Changed the World” is the riveting story of William Smith, truly the “father of modern geology.” (Michelle hopefully has a copy ;-)

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RSS WinterFest 2004- Party at Dave’s?

Just announced, Jan 21-22, 2004, RSS Winterfest: a free Webcast, and hear from some of the world’s foremost experts and commentators about RSS and the future of Internet content syndication. We’ll give an overview of RSS and look at its future. We’ll feature case studies that will examine the applications for enterprise content syndication. We’ll hear what some of […]

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This Dog is Out

Time for a break- this CogDog is off at our secret hideaway, tethered to the net only by a 28 kbps modem line. At that rate, the RSS reader chokes and sputters on those fat feeds, bloated graphic web sites are not worth the bother, and those internal emails full of attached Word files or […]