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League Bloggin’: Diana Oblinger keynote

Now this was a League conference highlight. Diana Oblinger knows how to deliver a compelling presentation (she speaks, she does not read) on a relevant topic. She researches and presents data, references, processes, and important ideas. And she uses PowerPoint with a bit more power and point than most.

Someone give video copies of her keynote this morning to some of the other clowns that they have put on stage here.

The title was “The Agile College” and started with a compelling true or false quiz- “The US is still the world leader in higher education”, and then presented an impressive string of facts and data that shows the many places we have lost of long held edge. From drops in completion rates, to dramatic differences in success from poorer students, the message as not about doom and gloom, but a wake up call to do something radically different in higher education.

She had our attention..


League Bloggin’: MLX

Wow, now this was probably the best presentation at this conference…. wait a minute…. Can I blog my own presentation at the League for Innovation Conference? (well not while I am doing it). This morning we gave our show on Building an Innovation Collection (with a bit of Competition and Bribery). We of course got […]

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League Bloggin’: “Sturgeon’s Law, Home Depot, and Dilbert’s Boss”

Monday morning here at the League for Innovation conference and I was asked by my Macromedia friends to make some remarks at their breakfast session- a packed room of about 50 or so.

And then I was following an awesome series of examples and ideas from Bill and Eric two faculty from Sinclair College that do some wacky (in a good way) and creative things teaching math and psychology.

Below are the notes I made up ahead of time- I did not use the notes (too many bad examples here of speakers reading canned speeches), so I cannot vouch that this was all I said…

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CarRP Parses RSS to JavaScript

Another option for getting RSS feeds into your own web pages, CaRP: Freeware Caching RSS news feed Parser Keep your website fresh effortlessly with RSS newsfeeds. Numerous options ensure that the feeds fit the look and feel of your site. If you already publish an RSS feed, CaRP can create a JavaScript version of it. […]

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League Bloggin’: The Rest of Day 1

Blogging at the League for Innovation conference got a wee more difficult as the Wi-Fi went AWOL, 404. The word is even the wired network here in the Midways Airport Convention center due to a blaster type worm banging out of a machine in the exhibit area. Last I saw, the techies were yanking machines off the net one by one to find the offender.

It could not be my computer ;-)

So here, post sessions is a quick recap….

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League Bloggin’: “Weaving Critical Thinking…”

Okay, first session at the League for Innovation conference, this one from Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College titled “Weaving Critical Thnking into Online Courses”.

Okay, we wade through the cheeese-head jokes, a lot of background on WITC, their mission, their learning acadamies… still waiting 30 minutes in to get to the Critical Thinking.

The college does have a plan for every course to have online ‘component’ by 2006 (current system in Blackboard).

Developed a critical thinking curriculum through their Facilitating the Future Gathering, an online course for faculty.

Oh, apparently all the content is inside Blackboard, so nothing the world at large can benefit from. Damn CMS padlocked silos.

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Bloggin’ da League Conf

Well here I am in Milwaukee, for the 4-day 2003 Conference on Information Technology Presented by the League for Innovation— this is te big daddy conference on technology on community colleges. You can count on about 30 simultaneous sessions, enough to make you dizzy, and interaction with a few thousand other community college types. I […]

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“Learning Grants” Presentation

Finally. This is the last of four conference presentations assembled this month, the dog and pony show marathon is almost done. Supporting Faculty Innovation with Maricopa Learning Grant$ is a second presentation I am involved in at the League for Innovation Conference on Information Technology in Milwaukee. Wow this one was finished with almost 36 […]


Those Wild Wacky Norwegians

Sometimes you can click yourselves into the most fun, obscure, un-googled parts of the web, such as Rune Johansen’s portfolio. Pure serendipitous fun. Okay, the music grates, but the pictures I gather are pictures of the home life of people in the far flung parts of Norway. There are great detailed shots of objetcs (they […]


“Building the MLX…” presentation

Faithful CDB readers get this early glimpse at Building an Innovation Collection (with a bit of Competition and Bribery), a presentation for Monday, October 20, at the League for Innovation Conference on Information Technology in Milwaukee.

This is less a technical presentation and more about the strategies we have used to (try and) build up our collection, as well as some words from faculty who are using the MLX.

My co-presener, Charlene Thiessen, is a faculty member from GateWay Community College who has been one of our local MLX advocates. Our program blurb reads:

The Maricopa Learning eXchange (MLX) is an electronic warehouse of ideas, examples, and resources that support learning at the Maricopa Community Colleges, represented as mysterious wrapped “packages”, from a Flash animation for a chemistry lab to a faculty development program. See how we tripled our collection with a friendly competition for software prizes. Learn how we are syndicating content with RSS news feeds.

As part of this…