Blog-Spammers:10, Me:0

I give up. The rate of blog comment spam to this site is bothersome, now with 10 banned IPs (which likely does very little), and going in to remove the comments manually is getting very old. The latest, unrelated, un-meaningful, unwanted, undesired, unethical, un-freakin’ stooooopid crap that arrived in my comments: IP Address: Name: […]


Somebody’s There at Nobodyhere.com

It is likely impossible to describe in text NobodyHere… It is a site to explore messages, relationships of words, metaphors, and variety of interesting gadgets. “How does this work?” Just click. All pages are connected. “Why?” Because I like to express myself using animation, text and programming. The site has been on-line since 1998 and […]


“Not Just an Education… A Career!”

Ouch, I just hurt mysefl laughing… The folks at J-Walk blog have done it again. Find out all about Spam University, ” the world’s top-rated educational institution for the growing spam industry.” Under Admissions: Spam University receives thousands of applications every month. Regretfully, we can’t accept everyone who applies. Consequently, we have stringent requirements for […]


Ratchet Up (Digital Arts and Culture Blog)

Wow, these TypePad blogs just continue to pop up, all nicely organized. Here is Ratchet Up “is John Schott & friends, featuring links, often daily, to something of interest in digital culture and the arts.” These are not just your typical blog echoes from elsewhere, each story is originally written and tastefully illustrated. The Ratchet […]


Web Design Color Schemes with Natural Roots

A nicely done article on looking at your web pages with a different mind-set. Check out Boxes and Arrows: Natural Selections: Colors Found in Nature and Interface Design. Typicallly B&A has some high brow articles, e.g. “Semiotics: A Primer for Designers”, stuff for people labled “information architects”, but now and then you find some down […]


Phil Phinds Phriendly Trackback

Perched up at MIT, Phil Long is a key instructional visioneer, and in a recent Syllabus column he writes TrackBack: Where Blogs Learn Their Places. It’s a nice general overview of TB, yes, but Phil seems to not see as wide as we do by focusing only on what Trackback means in the blog world– […]


Repository of (Learning Object) Dreams

There is almost nothing more cliche than a Field of Dreams metaphor “If you build it, they will come”, but it is all so fitting for those that get glaze-eyed at the potential of building a Learning Object Repository (ugh, I despise the connotations of the “R-word”).

But I can guarantee you, that if you build it, they likely will not come, and if they do the pace will be one that gives you heartburn into the night.

However, do not despair. What follows is a tale of our efforts of growing our own collection, the Maricopa Learning eXchange (MLX) story. And what we have tried, including saying “please”, bringing out the dogs and ponies, bribery, competition, and good old fashioned nagging.


Hosting Multiple MovableType Blogs

The blog concept is continuing to spread in our system. I know two of our colleges are looking at setting up a MovableType environment for both faculty use as well as committee communication. I am looking for examples of sites hosting more than ahandful of MT blog sites to identify any relevant issues for scaling. […]


Fake Philosophical Blog Spam

it is getting worse.

Now are these messages that arrive as comments to an old blog entry:

We live in strange times, but someday I think we will look back on all of this and marvel at how crazy it was. God, I hope so. I sure wouldn’t want this insanity to become the norm.

All very nice, pithy, and completely irrelevant, What “Dave: is really trying to do is insert his own URL into the text of MY page, and “enhance” his own Google ranking (note to Dave- I will not re-reprint your URL):

IP Address:
Name: Generic Xxxxx
Email Address: Dave@Dave.net
URL: http://www.xxxxxx.com/

No dice dave. You have been eviscerated. Go spam yourself.