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What’s the Fuss about RSS?

a blog/wiki paper for the July 11, 2003 LOVCOP teleconference

Learning Objects Virtual Community of Practice

Alan Levine, Maricopa Community Colleges

Brian Lamb, University of British Columbia

D’Arcy Norman, University of Calgary

Casting aside stuffy academic papers and endless PowerPoint bullets, we will present our ideas on RSS and learning objects via a collection of connected blog entries assembled in a wiki. Use the medium to communicate about the medium.


Customized collections of learning objects from multiple repositories are achieved with simple, existing RSS protocols, creating access to a wider range of objects than a single source. This provides discipline-specific windows into collections, contextual wrappers via blogging tools, and a system for connecting objects and implementations via TrackBack.

Visit TheFuss wiki for the relevant sources covered in the talk (and then some) plus our own blog entries for what has been a loosely coordinated and quickly moving idea since February 2003. [see a static snapshot of TheFuss wiki]

Look for this presentation also at the coveted last time slot of the Aug 5-8, 2003 MERLOT conference.


Learning Objects Luau

Ahhhh, it is a tough job but someone (not me) has to go to Hawaii for the Learning Objects Symposium 2003, part of the ED-MEDIA 2003 conference.

Learning Objects on the beach. Awesome.

Actually this looks like a worthy all day focus on LOs with some world experts, and this site has all of the papers. It will take some time to wade through them (fairly academic in nature and tone).

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RSS: Another Killer App Contender?

“I could have had class. I could have been a contender. Instead of what I am, a bum”

In the July/August 2003 Technology Source, Mary Harrsch makes a claim (#623?) for RSS – The Next Killer App For Education.

As blogged by David and George, the slapping of “kller app” may be over the top, but it helps to spread the word a bit.. even if the author has completely neglected the RSS work happening right around here somewhere and up in the northern hintelands of Canada ;-)

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BlogShop Flies Like an Eagle

Yesterday’s workshop, or “blogshop” for faculty at Chandler-Gilbert Community college went very well. It was much to cover (and most was not) in 2 hours, but we got many of these teachers excited, curious, interested in the tools available via a blog. The blog provides all of the information needed to do this as a […]


QuickTopic and Quick Doc Review

Some very slick small tools that might be helpful as teaching tools (and other uses). You have to like something with the tagline “your free, preposterously easy instant discussion space” (almost as good as “software that doesn’t suck”)

QuickTopics is a simple platform for web based brief discussions on a single topic (un threaded), that can also have people participate by email. I found it by stumbling through a blog (the url has vanished from my leaky biological memory) where an instructor was using it in a teaching blog as a way for students to respond to weekly topical issues he posed on the blog.