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Two Slack Half Tricks for #NetNarr

The Networked Narratives course is just about wrapped up for now (just those pesky grades to submit). I’ve been wanting to go back and write up some of the behind the scenes details that slipped through the blogging cracks in real time. You will find them on this here blog tagged makingnetnarr as I try […]

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Keyboard Blues

I’m hard on my laptop keyboard. That photo is my 3 year old MacBook Pro. Gone are e-r-t-i-o-a-s-h-n plus the Shift key and space bar are showing fatigue. You will see similar patterns on my older 2009 one, and the one before that I managed to crack the shift key. Several people at the Creative […]

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I’m a Deleter

The cool ed-tech kids are deleting tweets. I’m not cool. Okay, I already did a cover version of the original for I’m a Reclaimer, so I am ripping myself off.



I’ve known and used photos from Unsplash before but after a presentation on it at the Creative Commons Summit, I thought it was time to try it out with my first set of 10 photos. So I am unsplashing at I tried a mix of ones from my own favorites list and ones that […]

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Alchemy Us

This is the end, though not the end at all, and we have a little informal rule about not using terminating language, of the story of Networked Narratives, a course, and much more than a course. I start here, standing quietly in the dark, in a closet-like room adjacent to the classroom at Kean University […]

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Certificates Framing, Wall Color, and O’Malley Easy Do Kits

In anticipation for Saturday’s presentation of the Certificates project at the Creative Commons Global Summit this is yet another round at explaining the architecture (still developing), as likely a lot of details will not be covered. My idea/goal/dream has been not to pick or designate a single platform for the certificate (at least for the […]

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Open Educational (Porosity / Permeability)?

OH NOES NOT DEFINITIONS! Fear not, it’s not happening. But today during the blog-star-studded-most-of-them-self-deprecating hangout on “Open Pedagogy Open Discussion #YearOfOpen” (see the resource doc too) Mike Caulfield made an interesting comment about openness and the metaphor of “permeability” which raises my Geology sensors (Maybe 5 years of undergraduate and 6 in graduate study of […]