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Building A Class Sized Syndication Bus

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by Thomas Hawk The “syndication bus” is the Groomian term for the use of RSS aggregation technology that allows a class/community to run as both a hub and a decentralized network of blogs- individuals publish in their own space. The class or central site exists to subscribe to RSS feeds from those blogs to republish them in aggregate form. This is carried out at big scales in ds106 using WordPress and the Feedwordpress plugin. I’m working with Alec Couros to put FeedWordpress into play as both a blog hub and a twitter archiver for his ETMOOC which starts next week. Conceptually, what we have done with WordPress is the same that is done for many of the Connectivist MOOCs powered by Stephen Downse’s gRSSHopper. But it comes into play at smaller scales as well -many classes on UMW Blogs are run […]

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Into the Great Wide Open

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog This photo from two days ago was a bit of foreshadowing… Today was my first day of unemployment. No, I was not fired…. I have walked away from likely the most plum position in education technology, Vice President of Community & CTO for the New Media Consortium, a spot I have held since April 2006. Working at NMC has been fantastic, from the world circling travel, to being part of the Horizon Report process, to helping run the conferences and webinars, to working with the most creative minds in our industry, heck even to running virtual conferences as a dog in Second Life. The typical question from a handful of people I have told of my decision is, “So where are you going?” The answer is “nowhere”.

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