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Just to keep up, here is some summary blog action referring to our work here on Learning Objects and RSS (Too bad Manila/Radio users do not have their entries coded internally to be recognized via autodiscover, and cannot be TrackBacked)…

And it has been only about a week or two since the dabbling really got started.

Weblogg-ed Vol.2: Using Weblogs in Education Will says “My Brain Hurts”– sorry for brain pain, but I know what you mean.

David Carter-Tod gives it “most important post of the day”… Aww shucks….

D’Arcy Norman and I have been going in the same direction almost at the same time (Howdy D’Arcy!)….

Scott Leslie in EdTechPost aggregates feeds from a handful of LO repositories (including our MLX)

David Wiley gives us a plug too for “The Use is the Context”… much thanks as I was inspired by Wiley’s mention of this concept in his paper Learning objects: difficulties and opportunities.

Consultant Seb Schmoller gives us a plug.


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  1. Alan, this is great, but I had another idea similar to this. Does Moveable Type support ‘categories’ or some such notion where a distinct RSS feed from the main site can be produced? And can posts exist in multiple categories? If so, I can aggregate into one view posts from multiple categories (each with appropriate author attributes) so that any time you or D’Arcy or Brian or myself posted a post in their own blog and also put it in this special ‘hidden’ category it would show up on this shared page. Sorry to send this as a comment – I’m in a computer lab on a course right now and so this was easiest. cheers, Scott.

  2. Scott,

    I think what you are describing is the idea of trackback, that you can set a “ping” from your post to several others.

    I am looking into how one might set up RSS Feeds for the cateogries. Mine are quite different, I preferred to have one blog rather then resporting to creating new blogs for each project

    You can “ping” a category from another MT blog, not really the same.

    Yes, you can list posts under multiple categories.

    I am pretty green at MT, so far.

  3. Well…maybe it’s like trackback (though being a radio user without a local server to run perl, and hence the standalone trackback, I wouldn’t know). It was thinking not only for tracking posts that were part of a conversational thread, but also those that were part of a topic, again akin to what I think people are doing with the internet topic exchange. (and again I wouldn’t really know as LiveTopic has never worked yet for me). It was just a suggestion for a crude hack inspired by your post where you were bringing together references to a bunch of posts on the topic, which was I think valuable and needed. So maybe I just need to get trackback working or give in migrate to moveable type.

    But hopefully there is also so other good that came out of the suggestion as seemed to be indicated in your next post. I for one am using categories in a pilot with my blog to produce 2 distinct feeds with 50% of the same content in both – one is ‘my’ blog, the other a more official C2T2 blog (cf. http://www.island.net/~leslies/blog/categories/c2t2Edtech/). So whether it be in order to serve different sections of a course, different courses with some common focus, or to aggregate for a different purpose, there are some neat things you can do with categories. Now it’s back to trying to figure out trackback on radio (and believe me, I’ve been searching for this. Any suggestions truly appreciated. Cheers, Scott.

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