ePortfolio 2003 International Conference

Now, I wish our work with electornic portfolios was buzzing enough for someone in the organization to force me to attend ePorfolio 2003, the “first international conference on the digital portfolio, 9-10 Octobre 2003, Poitiers France”

Can you say “buzzword”? This year’s “portal”??

ePortfolios might be the biggest thing in technology innovation on campus

Actually it sounds interesting, like the Eurpean community is doing more consortium building on this than the big old USA.

Let me go, sil vous plait!

Today we are just at the start of exploiting the full potential of the e-portfolio. This conference will provide the opportunity for benchmarking initiatives, technologies and policies (within and beyond Europe), exchanging with experts and practitioners on current and future development, networking with other professionals to establish action plans to enable you to get the full benefit from this promising learning technology.

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