TrackBack Is There for Radio/UserLand

Finally! A test site now proves that Radio/UserLand weblogs are TrackBack enabled. And it works! Got Trackback? Yup!

My blog entry here was created by using the MovableType bookmarklet tool that automatically dissected the test source, found the embedded RDF TrackBack data, and provided the ping address directly to my blog editing environment. The proof of my ping should be registered right here

It work, and it works across different blog systems. This opens the door for maybe a lot more TrackBack activity…

Just to be sure, I did peek the source to see the code.


Yup- that looks great for TB tools to autodiscover the needed information.

However, looking at the source HTML, what a mess of mixed CSS and ugly old font tags, center tags, no DOCType set, a URL in the TITLE tag, yuck– c’mon Dave, let’s blog correctly with valid markup! Pick up a copy of Zeldman’s tome.

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  1. Alan,

    What’s the javascript for extract the trackback ping from a document’s source? My MT bookmarklet doesn’t seem to have it.

    I intend to add the functionality to my bookmarklet for Manila.


  2. It should be there. You see it used in most bookmarklets, something like:

    javascript:d=document; ….. d.location.href

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