live blog updates: the World as a Blog

Wow, a variation on the BlogChatter, this nifty site shows, in near real-time, the World as a Blog

Real time and updating display of weblog postings, around the world… Weblogs.com + geocoding + RSS

But what is it? You see a world map, and as weblogs entries are posted around the world, they appear on the map (from geographic location specified by GeoURL tags and RSS feeds provided by weblogs. Your blog tool must be set to “ping” weblogs.com on new posts. Items are updated every minute.

Again, not sure beyond the “cool” factor, what one might do with it, but it is a powerful demonstration of tyiing together different simple communication protocols to do something new.

With luck, I can snap a screen shot after this post!

Update: It worked! I blogged this and appeared on the world map 3 minutes later.

View image

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