Ratchet Up (Digital Arts and Culture Blog)

Wow, these TypePad blogs just continue to pop up, all nicely organized. Here is Ratchet Up “is John Schott & friends, featuring links, often daily, to something of interest in digital culture and the arts.”

These are not just your typical blog echoes from elsewhere, each story is originally written and tastefully illustrated.

The Ratchet Up brief is to be “popular.” It’s not a high-level, jargon-giddy discussion amongst the digirati, although a few hang out here. We speak mostly in everyday language, but after a couple of drinks in the lounge we like a big word or two just like the next guy. The goal is to have fun and as best we can flash smart, and we welcome equally the wise and the wiseacres. If you send a post the Ratchet will credit your effort.

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