Testing MT-Blacklist Alpha

I have been testing an alpha version of the next update to Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist plugin.

The changes coming are impressive and make it easier to filter and easily de-spam weblog crud. You can check and protect both comments and/or trackbacks, and it makes it a one clikc operation. Lots of new options coming in v1.5.

It might be interesting to see what happens with publicly available blacklist files, maybe some sort of P2P sharing of spammers (the blacklist is a list of nearly 400 filters to trap spam) that can be done behind the scenes. I got two this morning that had 12 new URLs, and snapped it off 2 comments in my blog in one click.

There are two main bugs in MT-Blacklist affecting about 25 people of the 750 who have installed the plugin. One causes slow rebuilds, timeouts or a 500 server error. The other is a problem with the de-spam link in the email.

Again, Jay is a hero to the blog world. Somebody rich should shower him with money or fame.

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