BlogSpamming: Tossing Good URLs into the Spam Mix

spamroach.jpg Another twist by the blog comment-spamming “community”. In a twice submitted comment to 2 unrelated posts on my MovableType blogs, “Peter” blog-spams:

Great comments guys. Peter <a href=”http://www.fda.gov/”>FDA</a>

As if Peter was trying to get me to toss the US Food and Drug Administration into my MT-Blacklist?? Or Peter is just getting his cockroach fingers warmed up to the spam game.

I guess there is a nano-chance Peter actually works for the FDA, lacks an FDA email address, and actually meant to say twice “Great Comments guys” (to posts which had no comments).

Regardless, Peter the blog-spamming cockroach shows his colors:
(1) Two exactly worded, un-relevant comment posts, submitted within 60 seconds of each other;
(2) A toss away email address
(3) He is wasting my time

Surprisingly, a traceroute on the IP peter used does nto disappear into an anonymizer in Asia, but ends up at an Internet company in Spain. Hopefully Peter’s employer can use the traceroute I sent information accordingly. Here is another lesson spammers- do not do it on company machines. Peter is definitely a rookie spammer.

It matters little as the slick MT Blacklist plugin allows me, in one click, to delete Peters blog spam comments from my site, and to skip adding any of his submitted URLs to my Blacklist.

Even if Peter hopes someday to mix a comment blog-spam with legitiante URLs and his assorted list of viagra-porn-crap for sale URLs, I can pick which ones go to my Blacklist and which to skip.

Either way, the sound is of my steel-toed boots squashing another blog spam cockroach. Splat goes the roach.

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