Cannot Figure out the Learning Content eXchange

On the URL name alone, it seems like the Learning Content eXchange (LCX) is of interest- it sounds like it has to do with reusable learning content. And the parallels in name/acronym alone to our own Maricopa Learning eXchange (MLX) are eerie.

But I cannot figure out anything tangible from the LCX site, even past the annoying, information scant, fading text flash intro. It is hard to take a web site seriously where the content is no HTML, just graphics of text (Someone send Bobby over right now and club this site with the 508 stick). The demo is behind a password. Shall I go on?

But beyond that, the pictures of text (same 1980s technology as the FAX machine) is just marketing gobbledy-gook:

“LCX is an in Internet-based exchange that provides markeyplace services to content owners and content consumers for Web-based e-learning materials. LCX provides a reliable and secure technology infrastructure that supports e-learning industry standards for content repository indexing, storage, and search engines.. LCX is an [that is not CDB’s typo!] collaborative that empowers and rewards college and university faculty who publish digital content in the LCX exchange.

Sounds like it was written by Wally.

Maybe someone can to a human translation and send it to me, but it smells like an objects for $ scheme.

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